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Jul 4, 2016

We're all either winding down from or gearing up for VBS this week, so we talk about all things VBS.  Problem students, tired volunteers, and everything that makes VBS a challenge and a joy.


Parenting Fail Segment

Manderson - On Edge most of the week; Blew Up at my niece

Stout - Driving Directions Deep Fear

Bevil - Pre & Post VBS Fails


Topic of the Week: VBS Debriefing


VBS when your kid’s are participating



  • Sophie cried, because she couldn’t be a disciple in storytelling skit
  • Those Who Under-Lead & Over-Lead
  • Helping, not Hindering, the Leadership of the Children Minister
  • Singing & dancing silly helps facilitate an attitude of openness to later disciple kids
  • VBS 2016 Tweetable Mention: “Butt-sweat is a real thing.”



  • VBS is such a great ministry, because it introduces our church to new families in a fun way.
  • But it throws my kids WAY off their sleep schedule
  • Volunteers seem over taxed
  • How do you effectively discipline kids that are not only not your kids, but don’t even go to your church?
  • I frequently find VBS curriculum to be terrible



  • Great experiences thus far (Salem and NRUMC)
  • Daytime VBS 9am-Noon (haven’t had nighttime)
  • Volunteer struggle
  • Had a baby during VBS Last year. People stepped up for us. Good stuff.


Parenting Win Segment

Manderson - Good Day Off; Garage Saling, McD’s, & Family Nap  

Stout - Roger Turning 1; Greatest Smile & Laugh

Bevil - VBS Win: Staff Lunch Debriefs = Necessary


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