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Jun 6, 2016

Prompted by recent news events, the Parent Pastors talk about the shame that parents feel sometimes, whether it's brought about by people online or our own interior thoughts, and we talk about how that shame can transfer over to our jobs as pastors.  Then we answer some fun random questions so you can get to know us better!


Parenting Fail Segment

Manderson - Justus tried to pee on the bushes outside of the sanctuary on Sunday.

Stout - WAY too much TV for kids while we pack

Bevil -

(Stout) I’ve been thinking about shame in light of that.  I have this issue where I want personal space sometimes, but I feel constant shame for wanting that.  I keep thinking about people who tell me ‘you’re going to blink and miss these days’ and stuff.  But I don’t think my parents felt that pressure or shame to make every moment magical.  


Perceived Expectations


Also, I got a phone call from a parishioner this week wanting to talk about my butt crack. “Plumbers Back” #BCS- Butt Crack Shame


Would you rather ?’s

Petted a wild animal?

Have you ever broken bones?

Have you ever been on the radio or tv?

Stayed awake for an entire night?

Skydiving? Bungee Jumping? Parasailing?

Talked on the phone more than 2hrs?

Lost in an amusement park or vacation?

Have ever had a friend that shared same birthday?

Love splash in the rain?

Ever embarrassed?

Near death experience?

Parenting Win Segment

Manderson - Memorial Day; Pamm Wed. Conversation No TV just chat.

Stout - Olivia’s last speech therapy appointment - I’m proud!

Bevil - Pizza Night!