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Apr 11, 2016


This week, the guys revisit Rhythms, Resets, and Rituals to talk about how they help their kids connect with God.  How do we intentionally structure our lives so that God is an integral part of the way our kids grow up? 

Parenting Fail Segment

Brad Kirk: Diana Sunday “Single Parenting” 

Manderson - Taking my anger at my own failure to complete a task out on my family. Didn’t blow up but was agitated.

Stout - Almost forgot to be home in time for Sara Beth to go to dance class.

Bevil - Husband Fail: Miscommunication with Missy → Walked Out of Room → Didn’t Initiate


Topic of the Week: Helping Our Kids Invest in Their Relationship with God


Framework for discussion: Bevil re-explain Rhythms, Resets, Rituals.



Bevil - The Bible App for Kids from YouVersion; Prayer at Meals & Bedtime Routine: ?s Story from last night

Manderson- Jesus Storybook Bible (other stories), Spontaneous object lessons, Bedtime prayer

Stout - +1 on the Jesus Storybook Bible, nightly prayer


Bevil - T.V. time / Business of Life → Walks, Bible Reading, or Prayer

Stout -Reset my attitude when my kids start driving me crazy



Bevil - Attend Worship; Xmas; Easter; Passover Seder Meal; Share Our Stories of God Often

Manderson- Sunday School and Church, advent candle lighting

Stout - Giving my kids communion on communion Sunday

Recurring Segment:

Kids TV Show: Paw Patrol

Manderson- This is Justus’ favorite Show. I inevitably have to watch this show every day. Aka I sit next to him and browse social media. But TBH what the heck. How do you leave all public works and emergency care to a pack of domesticated dogs and a kid with special abilities? Who is overseeing them? Why entrust your city to a lady who has high anxiety and a pet chicken she hides in her purse?

Recently, in this new season, they randomly break out into song. Can you really say a kids tv show has jumped the shark or has it already by premise alone?

Stout - I want to know how the mayor keeps getting elected.  She’s so incompetent!  She replaced all the town’s emergency services with a kid and six dogs!  Her vice mayor is a chicken!  I would love to see attack the ads around political season for who ever runs against her.  (I might try and produce an attack ad on my own if I have the time.)

Bevil - Saves a Mer Pup...


Parenting Win Segment

Manderson - (I wasn’t there for this but it's still a parent pastor win) Justus getting on stage at the Camp Wanake Egg Hunt. He got the empty egg and didn’t freak out. But understood that the egg was empty because the tomb was empty. (Aha Moment)

Stout - Ruthie beginning to understand the move and talking about making new friends

Bevil - Sophie Convo @ My Primary Spiritual Experiences


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Next week: protecting our families from parishioners. Please join us!