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Oct 3, 2016

Bevil’s still in the Holy Land and Manderson had some other commitments, so this week Stout and Scott Grow sit down and talk about the specific challenges of doing youth ministry while raising young kids.


Referenced in this episode: Six Ways Churches Kill Youth Ministry and Youth Ministers


Parenting Fail Segment

Stout - Ruthie pushed a kid in school and I had no idea what to do about it at home.

Scott - Our Youngest son just turned two and we got him a package of dinosaurs. We took two of them to give to our oldest so he would not be sad and he decided that they were all his but he would “share” by setting them up like they were in a museum.  I was upset but Owen seemed to be o.k. With it so I just ran with it.


Topic of the Week: Youth Ministry


How have you approached bringing kiddos on trips and to youth events?


How did you balance the expectations of youth pastor with family life?- what was biggest struggle


What’s your policy on evenings? Is there a rule of thumb for the kinds of things you say ‘no’ to to provide space in the evenings for your family?


How do you balance your ministry calendar with a desire to create space for the students in your youth group to spend time with their families?


As a pastor and parent what would your expectations for your kiddos for youth ministry- attend church youth program or another program?


If you were to be a senior pastor how would your experience as a youth pastor help you support and encourage the youth pastor as a staff member and as a parent?

Parenting Win Segment

Stout - Ruthie saw one of her friends at the library and it was heartwarming how much her friend was excited to see her.

Scott -  Been praying with our oldest John.  He thanks God for everything, so sometimes the prayer can be 10 minutes long, but he always ends being thankful for family, naming off all his relatives and then ends with mom, dad, owen and john.  It has been a good reminder to me to be thankful to God for the little things.