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May 9, 2016


Episode 11: Parent Kid Dates

This week, the Parent Pastors discuss parent kid dates or spending time with your kids or whatever you call it. Listen to why this is so important for your kids and you.


Parenting Fail Segment


Manderson - Time Management/Scheduling the week, didn’t think far enough ahead (Wisdom Teeth Tuesday)

Stout - Got real grumpy in the middle of the day and blew up at my kids

Bevil - Not spending quality & quantity time with kids


Topic of the Week: Parent Kid Dates


Is it weird to call it a date?

  • (Bevil) No, kids learn to be a woman / man from parent, whether parent same sex or opposite
  • Continue important convos: child development & practical day-to-day betterment
  • Counterpoint: It’s a little weird for me (Stout). I prefer not to frame my outings with my kids as dates because my goal isn’t to train them to be a women, but to connect with them as their dad. I’m not sure if that makes sense.


What are the essential elements for a great parent kid date?

  • Time away from home & other family members
  • Special time with each kid
  • Giving them something to remember


Memorable outings we’ve had with our kids:

  • Manderson - Zootopia movie, Mini-Golf (a few months after Silas Born), T-Ball Signup
  • Stout - Every Tuesday I take Olivia to the coffee shop after we drop Ruthie off at school - Ruthie and I went to see the Peanuts movie together and it was great.
  • Bevil - Stayed in RSVL hotel with Sophie; Walking in woods with both girls


What role should faith have in this kind of time?

  • Colossians 2:6-7 Share your rootedness in Christ & thankfulness with your kids
  • Share our own primary spiritual experiences & current God moments
  • Talk with kid about their faith, how they experience God already and can experience God


Parenting Wins

This week, we had our kids on to share their favorite parent kid dates or ones they’re looking forward to. Beware the preciousness!