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Mar 28, 2016

The guys talk about how hard and rewarding it can be responsible for you kids while you're trying to build relationships with parishioners at the same time. Is it even possible to maintain discipline and complete an adult conversation simultaneously?

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The Threshing Floor Podcast


Parenting Fail Segment

Our buddy Brad Kirk shares this week

Bevil - It's hard to fail when I'm out of town all week.

Manderson - Silas in the bathtub; I didn’t realize the water was too cold until he was shivering; Felt so bad; Quickest bath ever!

Stout - Cleaning kids' toothbrushes turned into a fire!!!

Topic of the Week: "Visiting" with Church Folks & Kids

Visiting our people that are homebound, sick, or in the hospital:

  • Kids = Bulls in a China Shop
  • To bring or not to bring kiddos?
  • Sweet moments CAN happen here

Visiting our people during church events & having a conversation:

  • Kids are chatty All. The. Time.
  • Convos don't get resolved or picked back up
  • Expectations & judgement present from our folks
  • We can welcome our kids and congregants into a joint relationship & conversation


  • We are parents still when being pastors
  • Our wives deserve to participate in church events, not to be the only ones minding the our kids
  • There are times to stop convo to teach our kids, times to acknowledge them while moving on in the convo, and times to even ignore our kids to continue to conversation with our parishioners

Recurring Segment

Octonauts: A show best described as being an underwater Star Trek for kids in which Wes Anderson could have developed the characters. Kids and parents alike learn about animals through the creature report segment of the show. We still wonder what classifies an animal as being an Octonaut or not, and what in the world is a vegimal?

Parenting Wins

Brad helps us come up with the killer hashtag: #milkdrunk

Bevil - Making a short video while I'm away helps the girls miss me less

Manderson - 1. Dudedate with Justus to see Zootopia 2. Teaching how to pray

Stout - Amazing God moment convo about death, Easter, & resurrection

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