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Jun 27, 2016

The guys discuss family devotions, especially how to do them with very young children. If your kids lack the attention span to sit around the kitchen table and listen to a book study, what form can your family devotions take?  Also, Bubble Guppies.


Parenting Fail Segment

Manderson - living the tagline of the show (balance)

Stout - No patience

Bevil - LA Driver


Topic of the Week: Family Devotions


Bevil - Devotion is steeped in worship.

Stout - It’s connecting your everyday experiences to your relationship with God.

Manderson - Romans 12:1 The Message “Live life as an offering.”

  • Simply Thanking God
  • Singing Together (The Oh Hellos; The Last Bison)
  • Sharing Our Lives
  • Dancing Out


What is your most memorable family devotion?

Manderson - Justus listing things he’s thankful for

Stout - Reading Jesus storybook bible with kids

Bevil - Dancing to Worship Music in Russellville


Recurring Segment: Bubble Guppies

Cartoon variety show with preschool structure

OR Underwater SNL for kids


Parenting Win Segment

Manderson - Serving together this week

Stout - VBS & Transitioning well in new town

Bevil - Playing Barbies with the Girls