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May 2, 2016

This week, the Parent Pastors welcome guest Drew Causey from The Threshing Floor Podcast to discuss why participating in foster care & adoption is a reflection of the Kingdom of God.


Parenting Fail Segment

Manderson - Coming back from Conference Transition

Stout - I realized this week that I’m raising a picky eater.

Bevil - Adopting a dog woes

Drew - Insensitive to tummy aches


Topic of the Week: Foster Care & Adoption

Drew shares his foster care/adoption journey & answers these questions:

  • What’s the story with your kids’ nicknames?
  • Were there any challenges unique to being a pastor in your process?
  • Do you think adopting has made you a better pastor?
  • Pamela Anderson calls in to ask: What happens when you try your best with foster kids & it doesn’t seem to make a difference?


Parenting Wins

Manderson - (Pillow Talk) PT’s with Pamm

Stout - We’re getting rid of a bunch of stuff, & it feels so good. What else can go!?

Bevil - Daddy Daughter Dates; Giving Mommy a Day Off

Drew - Took Squirrel Face to the zoo with his class & learned about polar bears.


Find Drew on Social Media:
Twitter: @drewcausey & @TTFpodcast