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Oct 2, 2017

Ministry/Learning YouTube Examples:


(Matt Stout) I use YouTube to watch X-wing games and improve.


What are good youTube channels for ministry?


Do you create youTube content for your congregation?  What are some tips for that?


How do you filter through all the nonsense to get to the good stuff?


Terrible Kids’ YouTube: - Kid makes a horrible mess and also opens surprise toys.  This family only refers to the kid as “Assistant” which is weird.  Weird, but not my least favorite channel.  These people at least seem like they might be nice IRL. - CookieSwirl is Satan.  A faceless, nameless, enthusiastic woman opens up scores of LOL Dolls and comments on their relative cuteness.  Sometimes she makes little scenarios in which they pee or spit on various things and whine.  These videos have been banned from our house. - Bad baby videos.  Bad Baby does something bad, gets in trouble for it, sort of.  Encourages bad behavior.  Banned. - Daily Bumps - The worst family in the world makes millions of dollars doing nothing and posting it on YouTube.  They bought that house with YouTube ad money.  And the dad is just awful. - Ryan’s Toy Review - The least offensive of all kids stations.  The parents seem cool, and the kid seems relatively less spoiled.  Sometimes manages to be actually funny.  Still indulges in the worst parts of the other ones. Toy Surgery Videos - There’s a genre of kids youtube where they pretend to do surgery on toys and pull stuff out of them/deliver babies from them.  Disgusting. Gummy vs Real Food - Why would anybody like to watch this?  Including kids?  Most kids YouTube channels do some version of the gummy vs real food challenge.  It is stupid.


Bad things about all these videos:

  • They all use the same public domain music that’s awful
  • They all encourage materialism in kids, to one degree or another
  • There’s nothing educational or redeeming about them in the slightest

Chad’s quick thoughts.

Granted, I don’t have kids to involve in this discussion. I do have some thoughts and contributions to the above list. Here is what I do want to contribute. This is a super quick list, and I’ll end up fleshing it out more.


What makes content aggravating?


  1. Fake cheese.

Africa cover (metal)

IT reminds me of people trying to do the holderness family thing.

Instead, a more authentic version is pomplamoose

  1. vlogging as an art form

Casey Niestat-> the Godfather


we love it because it is real life.

  1. the frustrating generic side of youtube now.


It’s all (COPY THIS) style. Youtube content is super hard to get moving. It takes tons of uploads and work,


What life are we wanting to share with people? Of course kids love seeing other kids get magic toys out of another toys butt. It creates an alternate world . Think Jamie Smith “Desiring the Kingdom”  

I think youtube can turn into such a black hole because we are only one more click away from finding our own “idealized” life. The escape from real life is real and can easily throw us off track.

A Real Man’s Breakfast