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Aug 28, 2017

This week we dive into the intricacies of taking your family out in public.  The pitfalls, the joys, the judgements, and what a public witness looks like when all you want is for your toddler to JUST BE COOL for one meal in a restaurant.

Topic of the Week: Family in Public

Younger Kids = Harder Experience(s)

Grocery Store Woes

Target Trips Can Be Fun

Buggy Design

Dirty Spaces & Things

Kid HANGRY-ness

Horrible Restaurants Experiences

  • Buffalo Wild Wings

  • Johnny Carino’s

Disciplining Kids as a Witness to Christ

  • Focus more on ourselves or our kids

  • Stop behavior now vs. learning

  • Opportunity to deepen the relationship between us and our kids


Conway Coffee Shop

Bathroom Situations

Wins & Fails

Manderson: Trip to Visit Sister!

Bevil: Family Fun Night!

Stout: Olivia Cast Off