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Aug 14, 2017

We're back for season 2 baby! Mark and Andy Matzke from Monsterland Ohio ( and the SasWhat Podcast ( join us to talk about connecting with our kids over a shared interest, seeing our hobbies as a part of our calling, and what it's like to be the coolest Bigfoot-hunting-father-and-son team on the internet!

How old was Andy when you knew he took an interest in Sasquatch?

How have you most connected with each other through your shared interest in Bigfoot?

What do y'all differ on in you opinions on Bigfoot?

1976 Pulaski County Bigfoot Report

What are your impressions of this report?

Have y'all had any encounters with Bigfoot?

Recent stories in Salt Fork State Park:

What's next for y'all in your pursuit of discovering the existence of Bigfoot?

Where can folks find you at?

Most Recent Memorable Shared Experience:

Manderson: Swimming in the pool (even though it busted); Fireworks and nighttime fires

Bevil: Fishing with Sophie: storm & baby ducks

Stout: Olivia’s Broken Leg

Mark & Andy: G-Fest