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Jun 5, 2017

Special guest Matt Carter joins us for our season 1 finale in which we talk about the importance of small group ministry in churches, how to start a small group ministry, and not a little discussion of delicious smoked meats.


Topic of the Week:


Explain your role at St. James in relation to small group ministry.


What was your 1st experience of a small group?


Why small group ministry? What makes small groups significant in the life of the church?


What challenges have you faced in leading small group leaders and just in general?


What are the initial steps for starting a small group ministry?  How do you get people to buy in?


Is there something your church had to give up in order to have time/margin for a thriving small group ministry?


How do you decide to split a group into 2?

What’s your line of thinking and what’s that process like?


What’s the most amazing thing you’ve witnessed happen as a result of small group ministry?


What’s the 1 thing you’d say to motivate a pastor and church to start small group ministry?


Is it possible to do a family small group with kids? How would you recommend going about that? Would you do it with other families? Would you break up the kids and adults? Have you seen this work anywhere?


Wins & Fails

Manderson: Win: Fishing Rodeo with Justus on Saturday! He was 4th in his age group. Got knocked off the the board at the very end. Fail: Transition Sucks!

Bevil: Win: Larry’s Pizza Sophie Celebration

Stout: Win: End-of-school-year craziness. I’m proud of Ruthie in how she handled her first big school year. Fail: Told kids too early about visiting my parents.

Carter: Win: No mas travel baseball Fail: Summer schedule bomb