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May 15, 2017

Episode 45: Sermon Planning


This week, we’re discussing how our retreat sermon planning turned out.



Bevil Plans & Executions:

  1. Strategically schedule sermon series
  1. Star Wars Mythology: out there for some; guest preacher
  2. Clever Stories: great visuals & examples; learning welcomed
  3. Emotional Lent: someone crying during sermon, me praying
  4. Exuberant Lent: folks love singing more
  5. Party Invite: understand work’s relationship to rest; mini fest
  1. Work with the worship team
  1. I need to do more work with individuals outside our meetings
  2. We need to plan even further in advance & nail down better
  3. Opportunities for discipleship

Stout Plans & Executions:

  1. Schedule sermon series
    1. All In series went well, but I think I may have lost the focus on stewardship that I started out with.
    2. Troublemaker: Ended up with the singer singing country songs.  People liked it
    3. Party Time is good so far.  I’m loving the collaborative aspect of it.
  2. I already need to schedule another retreat to plan out the rest of the year.  I didn’t get as far as I would’ve liked the first time.  I think I’m realizing I might need a quarterly long-term planning retreat.


Manderson Plans & Executions:

  1. Schedule Sermon Series
    1. Stakeholders- piggybacked on Spiritual Gifts and Had stewardship elements
    2. Good Trouble: Really Good
    3. Party Time- Loving the fact we collaborate as well.

This helped me establish a rhythm of preparation and execution of sermons that has seen results. I’ve had a lot of folks tell me that my sermons have been much better of late. I think that’s a combination of things: personal spiritual health, planning ahead, and collaboration with others.

  1.  I hope to plan a retreat sometime in the summer to plan through the end of the year. We are moving so that may throw a wrench into the plans. But I can take time away from the office to coordinate and schedule and develop plans. Maybe not so much a few days but a day or two.



Art of the Sermon Shoutout: Dan Wunderlich’s Interview with Jorge Acevedo about Team Sermon Prep


Wins & Fails

Manderson: Silas is a Daddy’s Boy! It's so great!

Bevil: Carrying something heavy

Stout: Felt useless at field day