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Apr 24, 2017

Content Warning: In this episode, we discuss real names of body parts and issues surrounding human sexuality.  If your kids are around this may be a little bit too adult for them.  Nothing horribly explicit, but definitely awkward for kids.

Also, Stout was trying to record this episode while driving in his car, and it led to some less than desirable audio quality in this episode.  He apologizes.

Sexuality Language

  • Just Say Penis & Vigina
  • Awkwardness when kids say it around others
  • Appropriate touching
  • What age is too old to bath your kids together?
  • Modesty & Honesty
  • When is it appropriate to start teaching our kids about sex?
  • What level of detail do we go into the specifics of sex with them?

Wins & Fails

Manderson: We’re Moving!

Bevil: Girls’ Presentations

Stout: Lost the connection to the call and cried :(