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Mar 27, 2017

This week, we’re discussing the unique challenges of being a parent and a missionary with our special guest Viktor Rozsa discussing the theology of our bodies and how we have helpful conversations with our kids.


Topic of the Week: Missionary Life


What’s your favorite type of food?


Tell us about your transition to American culture.


What was your call to ministry experience like? When did you know God was calling you to become a missionary?


What significant conversations have you and your spouse had to get on the same page and to a place where you’re both supportive of each other’s roles as missionaries?


What are some challenges you’ve faced with your kids on the mission field?


What are some things you experienced in the mission field that your mission agency or seminary didn’t prepare you for?


What’s been the most amazing / rewarding experience you’ve had in ministry?


What’s on the horizon for you and your family when you return to Hungary?


What’s God doing already in Hungary? And, what is God wanting to accomplish with you there?


Tell us about the youth radio program / podcast coming up.


Wins & Fails

Manderson: Pamm and I have been adding Bible reading during Lent. It’s been hard to read the Bible as a couple and we’ve been pretty good about reading the daily lectionary readings during this season. I hope to make it a regular occurrence. Also, I had an impromptu Daddy-Bubba date on Sunday night. Justus asked if we could go get dinner together and we did. It was great!

Bevil: Changes to Eating Out

Stout: Roger’s crib’s poopscape; kids learning about Lent