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Mar 13, 2017

Topic of the Week: Productivity

What is your favorite food?


Isaac tells us about a preaching series called “Crazy Busy” that he just finished at his church


Is there a theology of productivity?

  • Does that theology change when kids/family are added to the equation?


I know Isaac does most of his work from his home office. Any tips for communicating to young kids that you're not available to them when you're working?


What's your favorite productivity tool/hack that makes ministry easier or more efficient?


Any reading recommendations for people who want to take this to the next level?

  • Crazy Busy
  • Deep Work
  • A Failure of Nerve


Wins & Fails

Stout: “It's me, Ruthie!”

Bevil: Sophie: ask forgiveness & have a convo on respecting bodies

Isaac: Stopped working to enjoy being outside with the kids

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