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Feb 6, 2017

This week we're joined by Kevin Ireland, a Presbyterian pastor in Pennsylvania and Manderson's college roommate!  Kevin has had experience as a chaplain at a psychiatric hospital and deals with generalized anxiety disorder.  We have a great conversation about caring for the mentally ill, the church's unique opportunity to minister in mental health situations, and how to take care of our own mental health.

Topic of the Week: Mental Illness

Tell us about your experience at the hospital. What things did you learn and how does that help you now as the pastor of a congregation?

How do you help educate your congregation about mental illness?

How do you talk with your kids about your work at the psychiatric hospital and mental illness in general?

What are things you should never say to a person with mental illness?

What’s the role of the church in the care of folks with mental illness?


Wins & Fails

Stout: 1 on 1 Time

Mandy: Castle Get Away

Bevil: Emma’s Breakout; Stop Babying Emma

Kevin: Painting with my Girls, the YouTube give-in