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Jan 10, 2017

Ya boys are back in 2017, bringing the noise, bringing the funk, bringing the optimism with brand new goals and a focus for 2017.  This is going to be a great year for the Parent Pastor community!


Parenting Fail Segment

Manderson - Justus having breakdowns with Silas getting all up in his business. I’m not real patient with this. Also, our house was full of kids, 5 with my sister in town last week. Patience was thin Noise Level all CAPS!

Stout Weird tension between me and SB, we’re just not on the same page. Also, I had a weird emotional breakdown a few nights ago worrying about nuclear war.

Bevil - Emma, Missy, & Bedtime

Topic of the Week: New Year Goals


  1. No bullcrap - my mantra for 2017
  2. Meditation as a personal spiritual discipline
  3. Kids over Screens
  4. Goal-oriented leadership at church


Manderson: “Calm and Consistent”

  1. Calm
  1. Emotionally, spiritually, and physically
  2. Present in the moment not looking too far in the future
  3. Attentive to people
  1.   Consistent
  1. In daily devotions
  2. In how I react to different situations
  3. Days off- Sabbath
  4. Marriage and Parenting


Bevil: 2016 - “Accomplishing”

Recently Learned: Goals Accomplish Intentions

2017 - “Tracking Life”

  1. Pray 15
  2. Word 30
  3. Exercise 30
  4. Girls 15
  5. Touch 5
  6. Read 1
  7. Music 30


Parenting Win Segment

Manderson - Time off with the family. 2 Pajama days. And Alabama in the National Championship. (Side note: I have a signed football from most of the starters because a girl from my church is dating a player who transferred from Bowling Green, and he’s been coming to Easter/Christmas with her since I’ve been here. Roll Tide!)

Stout - Young Clergy Retreat was awesome; Olivia meltdown; Ruthie was an acolyte for the first time

Bevil - Snow Day & Pizza Night!