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Sep 26, 2016

Bevil's taking a trip to the Holy Land for the next couple of weeks, so Manderson and Stout recruited their old friend Scott Grow to talk about planning for the upcoming holiday season.  How do you manage the Hallmark Calendar and the Liturgical Calendar?  How do you teach your kids about the holidays they're learning about in school and church?  Any tips or tricks for navigating this busy season?

Parenting Fails

Manderson - Pastor Fail- motivation and momentum in church; need to be stronger positive leader while stating facts but laying out a better future.

Stout - We had our first call to come and get one of our kids out of school for a sickness.

Scott - boys in the tub together

Topic of the Week:

Holidays at church

Sacred calendar and Hallmark calendar-

  • How does your church do Halloween/All Saints Day?
    • Manderson- Trunk or Treat Halloween/ All Saints Day rememberance of members and family members who have died in the past year. Candle lighting and ringing a bell
  • Do you need to address every holiday in worship?
    • No, I barely address the patriotic holidays. Besides recognizing and praying for military and leaders

Holidays with family

  • Any special traditions?
    • Christmas with Pamm’s family. Will be interesting this year. Christmas on Sunday.
  • How do you make sure that sacred holidays keep a spiritual meaning when our kids see ‘how the sausage gets made’ behind the scenes?

Managing them both

  • How do you handle visits with extended family, having your own family traditions, and being back by Sunday for church?
    • Manderson- We do scaled down services on holidays where we know they are family oriented because we have a lot of people go out of town. I almost have a different congregation on Christmas Eve/easter than any other sunday.
  • (Stout) We have a young clergy retreat I really want to go to after Christmas, but if I do that I won’t be able to see my extended family.


Church calendar book- Calendar: Christ’s Time for the Church


Parenting Win Segment

Manderson - Taking the boys to the park for picnic and play

Stout - SB and I had a great anniversary, and my parents and grandma came down and babysat the kids.

Scott -  Came home from working and was wearing a star wars shirt that had the shape of darth vader.  My youngest who is two pointed and said dart vater and then i asked him what does darth vader say, he does the best impersonation he can of darth vader job here is done