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Jul 11, 2016

In light of recent events, the Parent Pastors discuss what we can do to disciple the people in our spheres of influence to be empathetic peacemakers.  How do you talk about violent tragedy with your kids?  With your congregation?  What's the role of social media?


Parenting Wins:

Manderson - playing baseball with his son

Bevil - affirmed about giving affection to his daughters

Stout - A particularly enjoyable fireworks show


Main topic: Tragedy

What's the role of social media?

How do you talk about tragedy with your kids?  How young is too young to start?  What tactics should you use?

Should you preach on national tragedies?  Is this better suited for a forum such as small groups or discipleship?


Daughter Talks with Sophie

To close it out, Bevil shares part 2 of Daughter Talks with Sophie, in which they discuss the undeniable evidence of the existence of Bigfoot.