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May 16, 2016

Parenting Fail Segment

Manderson - Supposed to get wisdom teeth out, super angry it didn’t happen. Threw off my whole week and next. (Missed Praise band again, forgot the day)

Stout - Had a series of mishaps that involved bugs, kids eating packing peanuts, and a flat tire.

Bevil - Bought the girls fraps with coffee in them; Impatience with Emma getting into everything!

Topic of the Week: Investing in our Relationship with God: Spouses


Difficulties in the role of being the spouse of a / the pastor AND the parent who by necessity shoulders the responsibilities of caring for the kids at church functions.


How do couples where both parents are pastors even work through this? We’d love to hear feedback.


How do you set aside your role as being a spouse of your pastor AND the parent in charge to invest in your relationship with God? What are the difficulties? How can we as your (ParentPastor) spouse help you to better accomplish this?


We discuss how much we all struggle with intentionally connecting with God together.


Recurring Segment:

Review kids TV show: Peppa Pig by Request on FB: Jodi Sanders

Manderson- So this show at least from what I saw was interesting. Episodes are short which kept my attention. I really relate to the Daddy Pig. Ineptitude at fixing things and wanting to watch tv a lot. Doing lots of fun things with the kids. Could sense the love of the family in the show.


Parenting Win Segment

Manderson - Wednesday outside with Justus frisbee, and time in the woods. His admiration of older boys catching tadpoles and frogs. It was cool.

Stout - We successfully took our kids out to eat without any horrible incidents.

Bevil - Putting what I’ve read into practice with the girls: reality discipline