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Mar 14, 2016

Episode 3: Investing in Our Relationship with God

Referenced in this episode:

All Of The Mothers I Have Been

“The Inner Voice of Love” by Henri Nouwen

“Field Guide for Daily Prayer” 

“Soundtrack: A Forty-Day Playlist Through the Psalms” By J.D. Walt

Special Update: We’ve decided to welcome on our guest from the last episode to be a regular co-host of the podcast. Welcome to the team Manderson!

Thanks & A New Opportunity to Share: We want to thank our community on the PP Facebook page for interacting and sharing articles with us throughout the week. We’ve set up a voicemail for you to now share your own parenting fails and wins for the week. Dial (484) 2PARENT, leave us a message, and we’ll share it on a future episode.

Parenting Fail Segment

Topic of the Week: Connecting with God Through Our Rhythms, Resets, & Rituals

  • Daily Rhythms with God
  • Resets to get back on the saddle
  • Rituals to connect in a special way with God

As children of God and disciples of Jesus, we need to invest in our relationship with the very God who created us, sustains us, and saves us. In prioritizing this in our lives, we need to set up and maintain daily, weekly, quarterly, and yearly times and spaces to connect with God and grow deeper in our relationship. We even need to

Recurring Segment

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: A featureless hellscape where reality itself is contorted by the whims of a single megalomaniacal mouse.

Parenting Wins

Manderson - Justus invited a new neighbor to come and look at the cross at our church. We

visited a new neighbor with kids that just moved and Justus said you should come see

the cross in our church, it's got a flag on it. The neighbor was confused but then it led to

me having to share what I did for living. Justus was inviting someone to our church,

proud papa/pastor moment.

Bevil - Sophie talk to Emma @ taking blanket & pinching her & this morning cleaning up water

Stout - Bedtime Little Piggy Dance Party

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