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Jul 18, 2016

Paul Cox joins our regular hosts for a discussion about how to balance family life and church life.  We get into productivity, priorities, and time management.  

Parenting Fail Segment

Manderson - Car Ride back from Crayola

Stout - been short this week with everybody

Bevil - Scanning & Constant Noise; I’ve Been Brief

Paul - I had a wonderful Dad who’s now with the Lord. I inherited from him a passionate desire to keep the house clean. One afternoon after work, I came home to find the house disheveled. I took it out on my boys even whispering some passive aggressive statement under my breath. Both boys helped me clean and they slinked up the stairs.   


Topic of the Week: Finding Balance in Life & Ministry


Productive Pastor & Isaac Hopper Episode  (Productive Pastor Episode 42: Parenting, Productivity, and Presence with Isaac Hopper)


Aha Moments

  • Bevil’s mentor: “I tried everything to be a successful pastor, but I wasn’t a successful person.” God, Spouse, Kids, Then Ministry
  • Paul, what was your big aha moment(s)? Mind if I rewind and take us back to Spain. Dawn and I work for FamilyLife in Little Rock and that journey began in 2008. Dawn and I were residential Missionaries living in Madrid, no kids, learning language and loving ministry. But, then two boys come along. But something happened in our 7th year there. Jesus stopped being my Lord and Saviour and became my boss, in my mind. I was working for Him but not spending time with Him and I was slowly falling out of love with Him. I was sacrificing Dawn on the altar of ministry, and she was paying a huge price. Finish story here if there’s time.
  • Manderson- Still developing this with the help of my wife and kids, but also professionals and other pastors.  


Past episodes: Resets

  • How do you know you need to reset?
  • Paul, I liked what you said about “how do you find balance when you’re unbalanced”. Bevil, I think what I meant by the “unbalanced” comment is that we’re all a mess. I’m a mess. My daily prayer to the Lord is always, “Lord, I’m a mess, but thankfully, I’m Your mess. As men, we need to recognize that we can’t, but He can. We’ve been given this incredible privilege of leading our wives under the mutual submission of Christ. We’ve been given the privilege of leading our family team. Many of us are leading teams in our professions. We’re homeowners. I can’t fix anything, and that causes stress. There are all these demands, and it can get overwhelming. Sometimes Dawn and I feel like we’re living in an episode of “Little House on the Freeway”. Remember that show? For me, the acknowledgement of my messiness, and that I can’t do everything leads me to this incredible dependency upon the Lord.  


What have we each found works for us to get balance?


Parenting Win Segment

Manderson - Crayola Factory with Family

Stout - kindergarten sign up

Bevil - Soccer in Front Yard with Sophie & Emma (Frozen Ball)

Paul - Boys returned from Dallas with their aunts, and that night I spent time on the floor listening to their stories and playing with Legos on the floor. I took time.