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Oct 23, 2017

Catalyst for Our Discussion:


New Room Conference Jewel: You work for God and God’s kingdom.


God works in the midst and the mess of our lives.


What’s the relationship between your calling from God and the denomination in which you...

Oct 9, 2017

Topic of the Week: Life Calling(s)


How do you describe calling to someone who has no idea?


Are there different types of callings in our lives?


What has God called you to?


Great Resource for Understanding Calling: J.D. Walt Called: Following a Future Filled with the Possible


Oct 2, 2017

Ministry/Learning YouTube Examples:


(Matt Stout) I use YouTube to watch X-wing games and improve.


What are good youTube channels for ministry?


Do you create youTube content for your congregation?  What are some tips for that?


How do you filter through all the nonsense to get to the good stuff?


Terrible Kids’...